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SAMLogin - SAML authentication for Joomla!

Are you looking for implementing SAML SSO on your Joomla site?

SAMLogin is a Joomla extension made to let you easily integrate a Joomla! 2.5/3.X site with almost any SAML-enabled SSO system.

This extension adds SAML2 based Single Sign On support to a Joomla website and is crafted to be easy also for non experts (you can deploy and manage a Joomla SP in minutes) but there are also advanced settings for who need to control any aspect of the deplyoment or implement complex authorization rules.

SAMLogin is compatible with any IdP or Federation that implements the 'Interoperable SAML2 Profile' (e.g. Shibboleth2, OpenSSO, simpleSAMLphp ecc..) 

Feature Overview:

  • Easy Installation
    • All is done uploading a standard Joomla zip extension and in few clicks via the admin UI, no coding required
  • SimpleSAMLphp one click installer and updater
  • UI for the configuration of attribute mappings with fallbacks options and "friendly name" syntax
    • To give you maximum flexibility and interoperability with any IdP/Federation, all with the ease of the Joomla admin UI, no XML files or config file to write
  • Multiple metadata sources support
    • You can join to one or more Shibboleth/SAML2 Federations just in a few clicks
  • Multiple discovery service integration (WAYF)
    • Embedded
    • Embedded Discopower
    • Embedded Discojuice (new! best UX)
      • One click federation feeds
    • Discojuice (new! best UX)
    • External WAYF/DS (Use the one of your federation)
  • Automatic user role management
    • Create rules to assign federated user to Joomla groups using SAML Attributes rules (powerful syntax)
    • Can manage an hybrid situation (you can add some roles manually for specific users via the classic Joomla user admin interface and the system will remember that exception)
    • Admin approval after first login or automatic usergroup assignment (optional)
  • Automatic generation of backend SAML certificates (SAML Endpoints XML signing and encryption) 
    • You can generate/regenerate the endpoint certificate in one click in your Joomla admin interface! No openssl command knowledge required.
    • Supports key rollover best pratices for SAML Federations
  • Seamless integration with Joomla 2.5/3.X frontend login
    • Component View and Module
    • Possibility to apply style overrides in your Joomla templates
    • Configurable messages and labels
  • Administrator SAML login (optional)
  • Metarefresh management (easy configuration for the metadata refreshing cronjob)
  • SAML 2.0 Interoperable Profile
    • Interoperable with many commercial and open source SAML enabled Single Sign On servers and cloud-enabled solutions: Okta, OneLogin, F5, Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp, Oracle Identity Federation (OIF), Centrify, Gigya and counting...
  • Supports Single Logout SLO (IdP initiated/SP initiated) and fallbacks to customized logout method or messages for IdP that doesn't support SLO
  • Supports IdP/SP Initiated login
  • Can make your Joomla work as an RP of a Thinktecture IdentityServer 
  • WSFed protocol support (optional)
  • Extensible: It is possible to write custom plugins to achieve advanced system integrations
    • Support for Attribute Authorities to fetch user attributes from external authorities after SSO Login
  • Cross-platform: SAMLogin is compatible with many hosting environments and webservers (e.g. Nginx, Apache, Microsoft Azure, ISS etc.)
  • Many other advanced settings (all you need is configurable! and if not, ask us!)
  • Dedicated support service with direct contact with the developer and SAML expert to solve any issue you can face (solved or refunded!)
  • Easy Federation Bridge with Joomla (coming soon...!)

  • New: Joomla acting as SAML 2.0 IdP (New: The easiest IdP deployment ever, sold apart for another 250EUR!)


Documentation & samples

Demo Joomla 2.5 (frontend) (Note: this is just a frontend possible result, but the extension is very customizable in few steps and works also in Joomla 3!)

Buy it now, we offer also dedicated ondemand support caring installation, customization, and configuration of your Joomla SP and/or IdP (a SAML expert will be available 24/7 to assist you and solve any issue)

Want to purchase? 

1 year updates subscription and a lifetime use license for 1 domain is priced only 250.00 EUR.

This includes 1 year access to updates and full support from us!

The support service includes a dedicated SAML expert wich will be available to help you understanding and handling any technical issue, and, if needed, also helping you in the needed technical communication with your external SAML entity managers, for instance if your support request can be: "What do I need to write to the ADFS IdP manager in order to get approved and establish the SSO trust with my Joomla site?" we will analyze your requirements and guide you in any phase of the deplyment with no extra cost.

The license purchased is valid lifetime, so also if after first year you don't want renew the support subscription, 
you are free to continue to use your software forever, renewal is just to get access to support and new updates.

Test it with no risk: We just extended our money back guarantee to 45 days! If you discover that our product and/or support service don't fits your needs you'll get a complete refund.

Purchase a lifetime license for only 250 EUR

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